Stephentown Fire District No 1

Stephentown Fire District 1

The Stephentown Fire District is responsible for providing fire protection and fire fighting services to Stephentown.

The Fire District owns the fire station located on NY-43 as well as all of the apparatus and equipment used to respond to emergencies.

The citizens of Stephentown elect the five Fire District Commissioners who oversee all tax money expenditure.

The citizens of Stephentown vote on the Fire District budget annually. The Fire District budget is a separate line on your tax bill.

Stephentown Volunteer Fire Department

The Stephentown Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for providing the volunteer personnel to respond to and mitigate emergencies.

The Department owns the fire hall, muster field, and outbuildings on Grange Hall Rd

The Department relies on donations and fundraisers to support all activities.

Ambulance Billing

The Stephentown Fire District will be implementing ambulance billing beginning January 1, 2024. This decision is due to a change to NYS law. If you were unable to attend the informational meeting about this change held on September 27, you can review the presentation below.

You can also review our cost recovery plan, fact sheet, fees, notice of privacy practices, HIPAA acknowledgement & authorization to bill form, financial hardship form, and payment plan guidelines.  

Stephentown Fire District Ambulance Service Cost Recovery (1).pdf