The SVFD is an all volunteer force made up of a wide variety of community members who serve in many different roles to prevent and minimize the loss of life and property in our community through prevention, preparedness, and reliable emergency response. New members are always needed to fill available positions. Free training is provided. Learn more about how you can be a part of the team.


The Stephentown Fire Company was founded on September 9, 1924. Sixty charter members worked hard to raise the money to purchase a fire engine for Stephentown but were unable to raise enough funds. In lieu of a fire engine, they purchased twenty 5-pound soda acid fire extinguishers that were distributed to the men most active in fighting fires. This supplemented the traditional bucket brigade approach to fighting fire.

A new Stephentown Volunteer Fire Department was formed on May 4, 1939 under the direction of Frederick Brown, who became the first Chief. At the same time, the Stephentown Fire District #1 was formed, comprising the entire town of Stephentown.

For almost twenty years there was just one fire truck, a 1939 Sanford 500 GPM fire truck on a Chevrolet chassis. Two additional trucks were added in the late 1950s, an International tanker and a Chevrolet pumper with a 500-gallon tank and 750-gallon pump. See our current apparatus, which include pumpers, brush truck, and ambulance.

The current station was opened on October 15, 1978.

In 1968, the Department formed a Muster Team, the first New York team to join the New England Muster Association. The Stephentown team went on to hold the New England Centrifugal Pumping record and the Old Style Portable Pump Contest.

Thank you to the Stephentown Historical Society for some of the source material used for this brief history.